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Low Cost Spay and Neuter Program Fundraiser

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Help Support our Low Cost Spay and Neuter Program

Help support our next Low Cost Spay and Neuter day!

In an effort to reduce the instances of unwanted cats in Pope County, we teamed up with Prairie View Veterinary Services to offer low cost spay and neuter events throughout the year. We plan to continue offering events as we have the funds to do so, so your donation is crucial in helping us continue offering these events.

We had our first Low Cost Spay and Neuter Day on October 15th and were able to spay/neuter 10 cats! We have had 4 events now and have increased our capacity for spays and neuters in 1 day thanks to the team at Prairie View Vet Services. So far we have spayed/neutered 68 cats.

One of the biggest struggles we have at Pope County Humane Society is being overwhelmed with unwanted felines. In Pope County, we struggle with felines who are not spayed or neutered\multiplying quickly, and creating an overpopulation. This leads to multiple calls and emails about bringing these cats to the shelter and even people dumping them outside our doors. We even get cries for help from people who find cats in bags and boxes in ditches around our community more frequently than we'd like to admit. This causes our facility to be "At Capacity" almost costantly.

Another struggle we have is 95% of the felines that come to the shelter as found or strays are not microchipped. While we do make our best efforts to try to find the owners, the chance of us finding owners is slim. By providing cats with microchips during this event, we can help cats find their way home with more success than what we are currently experiencing.

Details of the events:

  • We will have a set number of appointment times (about a total of 10-22 cats will be seen depending on staff available from Prairie View)
  • Cost to sign-up: $22 which reserves an appointment time and includes (spay/neuter, rabies shot if needed, and microchip)
  • Applications will be received and reviewed to be added to our waitlist. As events are created, our event coordinator will start contacting individuals from our waitlist.

All money raised for this effort will be used to support the actual cost (see below) of this event in order to allow us to offer a low cost option:

  • Spay: $95
  • Neuter: $45
  • Microchip: $40
  • Rabies Vaccine: $25

Totaling: $1,200- $2,000 depending on gender of felines that sign up and the number of appointments we can offer.

Any additional money raised will go towards supporting additional low cost spay and neuter events.